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Dear Fellow Change Maker,

Do you feel like you are stuck, and need help reaching the next level with your business or career goals?

Do you need someone to give you professional guidance on your Internet marketing efforts, without having to hire an expensive agency or $250/hour web strategy consultant?

Do you know you need help expanding your Web Presence, but don’t want to hire a business coach who has NEVER done Internet marketing as a professional?

Are you reluctant to hire a “social media expert” who may have grown their own 6 figure business online, but has an ugly website and small Twitter following – because your target audience is more sophisticated?

Does your online presence need to LOOK GOOD because of who you are in your industry?

Is social media sucking more out of your business than growing your business?

How to Know if this Coaching Program is Right For You
  • You are a change maker, seeking to make a positive impact in the world as a talented, passionate entrepreneur.
  • You know that an attractive online platform is the best networking tool, with the power to make A-List influencers take you seriously
  • You have a social media presence that you want to take to the next level with the help of a seasoned expert
  • You are business savvy, and are seeking the help of a seasoned marketing professional to help you with strategy, NOT a professional coach to hold you accountable
  • You know you have massive potential to be a force for good, if only you had bigger and better opportunities, and access to the right people.
  • You a strong sense of integrity and the concept of “right livelihood” is important to you.
My Online Success Story

I spent over 10 years in the social change sector, working with nonprofits and social entrepreneurs, so I know what it means to care about making a positive impact, being authentic, and living with purpose. However, I started to feel burned out – that no matter how much I worked, my impact was limited and my unique genius was underutilized…in spite of having an MBA.

In 2006, I hired mentors and used social media to create a strong, online personal brand that tripled my income in 3 years and launched a new career as an Internet marketing professional, where I worked for F500 technology company…by day.

At night, I invested thousands of dollars and hours into learning how to be a better online marketer because I wanted to make money online by creating passive streams of income. To fast track my skills, I invested in expensive marketing programs lead by gurus. I’ve also hired all kinds of contractors both domestic and offshore, tested all kinds of premium plugins, tools, and web based services.

Nothing would make me happier than to help YOU save time and money, avoid my mistakes and bypass the huge learning curve that I surmounted.

What Kind of Questions Can I Help You Answer?

Here’s a sample site review I did for an eco entrepreneur seeking to grow her consulting business online:

Here’s an overview of ways I can help you:

Cool Things You Can Learn From Me About Internet Marketing
  • Exactly how to create your professional, WordPress powered website from scratch, whether you need a blog, a website plus a blog, or simply a standalone business website sans blog
  • How to optimize your WordPress website for maximum search engine visibility – otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization
  • The best WordPress plugins to help you increase your visibility, leads, and conversions
  • The pros and cons of different WordPress plugins – which ones work, which ones suck, and which ones are broken beyond all repair
  • How to do keyword research the right way, so you can laser focus on the most profitable keywords
  • What productivity tools will help you dominate your social media marketing, and how to use them effectively
  • DIY Pay per Click marketing strategies & tactics
  • And much, much more….
Your Personal Tour Guide to the Green Economy
  • What crowd funding tools are available to raise money for your startup social enterprise or nonprofit fundraising campaign, AND how to use them successfully
  • Which blogs would be interested in covering your company and HOW to get them to actually publish a review
  • How to get on the radar of a green economy thought leader via social networking
  • How to position yourself to get that dream, green job you’ve always wanted
  • How to get hired into that socially responsible company you always wanted to work for
Ways You Will Become a Rock Star from Online Personal Branding
  • Create such a compelling online presence you will NEVER have to look for a job again…unless, you want to, of course
  • Get connected with all the most influential people in your niche
  • Position yourself as an expert, so companies will bend over backwards to get you on board
  • Never worry about getting laid off, and NOT being able to find another job
  • Never worry about losing all the brand equity that came with XYZ company you worked for, because you have your own superstar personal brand
How to Really Bootstrap It and Where
  • Discover the cheapest places to find fast, QUALITY, professional web services, from copywriting, to graphic design, web development, and social media marketing
  • Learn how to NOT sink money into developing and maintaining a custom WordPress website
  • Figure out how to quickly identify and hire the best offshore contractors and VAs and AVOID hiring people who can’t deliver, leave your project worse than when you started, or simply are unable to understand your most basic instructions
  • Get to know freelance sites for different tasks, plus the pros and cons of each
  • Benefit from my short list of quality, low cost freelancers
How Much Time and Money Are You Wasting Spinning Your Wheels?

Let’s face it. You have 2 options right now.

You can continue trying to figure it all out on your own.

Or you can hire a professional to help you reach your goals as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Lorna Li Social Media SEOWe don’t all have the luxury of having a savvy Internet marketer as a close friend, one who is willing to let you pick their brain every week for advice. I have a lot of Internet marketing friends, and when it comes to growing my business, I always prefer to hire a coach than wear out my friendships.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than having a professional give you their undivided attention for a full hour each week.

And there’s nothing more that I like to do is help other change makers succeed. I’m ready when you are!

One on One Internet Marketing Mentorship

You get

One hour of Internet marketing mentorship via Skype

An audio MP3 recording of the call

You can

Get a 60 minute audit of your online presence, or

Get expert feedback / guidance on a specific goal, or

Ask me questions related to SEO, Link Building, Social Media,

Social Networking,WordPress, Outsourcing, Online Productivity Tools

Info Product Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, and Video Marketing


Special Offer

I’ve been researching how much consultants with my knowledge charge for their time to offer these very same services. In fact, I’ve discovered marketing coaches who KNOW LESS about Internet marketing CHARGE MORE for their time.

For a limited time only, I am offering my services for HALF the going rate. Sign up while it lasts!

4 Week Business Magnetic Web Presence Coaching Package

You get:

One hour a week of Internet marketing mentorship via Skype

A FREE 30 minute audit of your online presence

Personalized web influence and monetization strategy

A step by step action plan, plus a written summary of your action items for the week

An audio MP3 recording of each call

Unlimited email access to me for four weeks

Value $997

For a Limited Time Only



8 Week Business Coaching Package

You get

One hour a week of Internet marketing mentorship via Skype

A FREE 30 minute audit of your online presence

Personalized web influence and monetization strategy

A step by step action plan, plus a written summary of your action items for the week

An audio MP3 recording of each call

Unlimited email access to me for eight weeks

PLUS a FREE 60 minute audit of your online presence

Value $1497

For a Limited Time Only



P.S. Here’s what a few other people have to say about my Internet expertise

“Lorna has been a veritable wellspring of knowledge and resources. During our relationship, Lorna has offered invaluable knowledge and guidance in developing my online relationships, extending tools such as WordPress, SEO, and positioning in the sustainability sector. She has helped me open up opportunities that have helped support some of the related work I am doing in sustainability, as well as PR opportunities to expand my reach to wider circles. I have the highest respect for her work and the wisdom she brings to any endeavor.”
Amy Seidman, Incredible Places
“Lorna helped me build and promote my very first SEO friendly website for my sustainable landscaping company Farnsworth Landscaping. Not only is the site beautiful, it showcases my best work, and most importantly, shows up in search engines for important keywords in my industry. For years, my business had been word of mouth. Now I have a steady stream of customers that come to me through Google”
Matt Farnsworth, Farnsworth Landscaping
“The traffic on my blog – http://nicolettet.wordpress.com – is going through the roof, and I have Lorna Li to thank for it!

She has been my expert consultant in the areas of social media, blog strategy & blogging platforms, and SEO. My blog went from 0 to 1000 views in the first 9 weeks, and at the end of 11 weeks, it’s almost at 2000 views. I can see the traffic coming from social media sites, and I can also see it feeding my website, where traffic has doubled since the first of the year!

Since my new interior design business, Comfort and Joy Interior Design, focuses on aging in place and environmentally sustainable design, I’m doubly pleased to be able to say that Lorna has an strong understanding of the green movement and marketing, and clearly cares about democracy and human rights.”

Nicolette Toussaint, Comfort & Joy Home Design
“Lorna is my go to SEO guru. I’ve found no one more knowledgeable during my five years in online media. And she has the rare ability to mix warmth with a no-nonsense dedication to results.”
Neal Gorenflo, Shareable Magazine
“Lorna is actively involved in green web 2.0 marketing. She has invested a great deal of time and energy into exploring all angles and offers her findings to her readers and clients on her informative blogs. I would recommend any company looking to make it in the green market to look to Lorna for guidance.”
Amy Nguyen, Greener Business Bureau